The TrueBikini reality series pilot episode and project has fallen victim to Covid-19 related production, workplace, and travel restrictions.

Over the past 22 months multiple expensive production events have been scheduled only to see a new Covid variant bring forth a new Covid restriction that limits our ability to have a production crew in a studio or for a crew to travel to the locations we desire.

The bottom line is that the project was unable to be finished on budget within the original 2019-2020 timeframe, or in 2021 with additional budget resources, after suffering multiple last minute Covid-19 related filming cancellations.

To be clear - No persons within Group Five Photosports, LLC or Media Aruba Production Partners VBA has ever tested positive for the virus and none of the models scheduled to work the project has done so.

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone that stuck with us through the Covid-19 delays. We sincerely appreciate it. We hope to see everybody again on one of our other projects, websites or adventures.

If you have any questions please use the email form on this page.